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Massage Techniques
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erotic massage parlor

Erotic Massage parlor
Here are some different massage therapy techniques that are popular with clients:
Swedish Massage
This massage was created by a gym instructor from Sweden named Pehr Henrik Ling. He
started this technique at the Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics. The Swedish Massage is
used in table massage.
There are five different types of strokes that are incorporated with the Erotic Massage Parlor massage:
Effleurage– This stroke is used for lubricant application. It is also used to get your
clients to get familiar with your touch. This French word means glide or flow. That is
what you are doing when you use this stroke.
You allow your hands to get deep into the skin and the muscles. This can be done in
the same area a few times. Go with the shape of the client’s body, using this stroke
over the entire area that is being massaged.
This stroke can also be used for detecting muscles tightness. Using Effleurage can
help to remove toxins from your body. This stroke can be performed with one or both
hands. There should be a continuous blood flow to the client’s heart as you apply the
Petrissage– This is a kneading stroke. Put the client’s soft tissue in your hand and lift
it, then squeeze it, and release it. Repeat the process for the affected area. This stroke
has to be performed in a slow and firm manner.
This kneading stroke disposes of toxins and waste from the soft tissues. Blood along
with oxygen replaces it and provides nourishment.
Friction– This stroke is also called a compression because you are pushing down and
squeezing the tissue. Along with this is the compression stroke that provides more
circulation. In order to work this, you slide your hands in a back and forth motion across
the client’s skin.
Vibration– This stroke deals with shaking. It involves rocking with a rhythm at a slow
pace. You can use your fingertips or hands. Some therapists will use electrical items.
However, it is not necessarily prudent to use anything electrical.
They can cause your client’s skin to become numb and without feeling. In addition to
that, the therapist may lose nerves in their hand. You can do this vibration stroke in one
of three ways: rocking, coarse, or fine.
With the fine version, it works with the digestive system. For the coarse version,
another word for this method is jostling. This method helps to loosen muscles in your
Tapotement– This stroke is considered as a light blow or touch. It has a rhythmic
method in which the edge of the palm is used. You can also use the heel of the hand.
It is used as a stimulator. It is also used to relieve cramped muscles.
With Swedish massages, a massage therapist will have to use oils in order for the treatment to
be effective.

Modern Erotic Massage Parlor


Shiatsu is a Japanese version of a massage. The word means “finger pressure”. So Shiatsu
is a finger pressure massage. This type of massage uses the holistic method. It is considered
to be part of traditional Chinese medicine. In this case, the belief is that imbalances from
natural energy flow cause people to become ill.
Erotic Massage Parlor therapists that use this method use their fingers and pressure from their palms of
their hands. They do this to open up pathways of energy. If someone’s nervous system is out
of whack, Shiatsu is used to cure that or at least bring peace to that area of the body. It is also
responsible for circulation improvement, relaxing muscles and gets rid of stress.
This method is performed by adding pressure to the affected area using a rhythmic motion. It
is considered to be a more localized pressure. The finger pads put pressure on the majority of
this treatment and not the whole palm.
When applying this Erotic Massage Parlor massage, there may be tenderness in some of the affected areas. This is
described as “good pain”. However, if a client should feel real pain during this process, they
should let their therapist know immediately. They can adjust the pressure that they are
applying to the client and alleviate their discomfort.
Shiatsu is used to alleviate a lot of ailments. Some of them are listed here:
• Headaches
• Stress
• Injuries
• Arthritis
• Constipation
• Indigestion
• Neck pain
• Shoulder pain
• Back pain
When you go for your Shiatsu treatment, it will be conducted on a low massage table or you
will be lying on the floor. You don’t use massage oil with this particular massage. You also
keep on your clothes. It’s a good idea to wear something comfortable when you come for your
massage treatment.

Acupressure can be an Erotic Massage Parlor therapy treatment that is similar to acupuncture, but without the
needles. Manual pressure is used with the fingertips on specific areas of the body. This is
derived from traditional Chinese medicine which employs energy from the body called “chi”.
This energy connect with invisible parts of energy flow. This is called meridians. There are
supposedly at least 14 of them that have connections with some of our other organs.
Acupressure points are situated on those meridians. The belief is that health ailments and
diseases run rampant when chi flow is blocked on any of the meridian points.
To alleviate that, the therapist will apply pressure to an acupressure point in one area of your
body to heal another area. That may sound strange, but that’s how acupressure works. Some
people thinks that pressure in one area can release endorphins, which are chemicals in a
person’s body that relieve the affected area of natural pain.

You may feel pressure during the treatment, but you should never feel pain. If you do, let your
therapist know immediately.
After the treatment, the client may feel sore at those particular points and may also experience
light headedness. Both of these are temporary side effects.

Sports Massage Therapy or Erotic Massage Parlor
Athletes would greatly benefit from this type of massage therapy. This type of massage
therapy is worth the investment for a massage therapist. Just doing this alone could prove to
be a lucrative career.
Athletes are competitive in nature because they are supposed to be. Each one wants to do
better or outdo the other person. The main goal is to win, whether it’s in baseball, basketball,
football or any of the numerous sports that people compete in. Having a sports massage can
help the athlete get a head up on their competitors.
Professional athletes from all kinds of sports employ massage therapists and they see the
results. Athletes see great benefits in having a massage therapist. Their ability to compete is
increased. It also enhances their flexibility. The massage therapist will instruct the athlete to
incorporate things like stretches, releasing muscle tension and muscle trigger points.
Since there are many athletes in different sports, the techniques are going to be different. The
therapist should familiarize themselves with the sport in question. This way, they will know
what areas to give attention to.
Erotic Massage Parlor therapists that are getting into the sports business have to get familiar with the
athletes that they will be working with. They can ask questions such as in what areas are they
experiencing pain. Therapists should not attempt to stretch any of the muscles because that
can damage the muscle fibers.
If athletes have sore muscles, this type of therapy will benefit them greatly. It will help them to
alleviate the soreness very quickly. The athlete can move on to the next event or go to
practice after they’ve had their massage therapy treatment. In addition to that, this treatment
can help an athlete to get rid of soreness after daily workouts.
Having massage therapy for athletes was probably the best thing that ever happened to them.

The therapist needs to know where to release trigger points on the athletes for a better
performance. The more techniques they are able to incorporate with the athletes, the better
chance they have of making more money. It’s important that the massage therapists are
versatile. All of the athletes don’t encounter the same problems with their muscles and joints.
If an athlete has cramps, the therapist should allow them to stretch the area against the
resistance. The muscle will relax and relieve the cramps. The therapist needs to know what
area to hold in place while the client stretches.
The therapist should instruct the client to drink sports drinks such as Gatorade or other sports
drinks. This will help the athlete replenish minerals in their system. It will also keep them
hydrated. The therapist should also advise them to eat bananas for potassium.
When messaging the athletes, you should not use any lubricants. This must be a quick
process that will energize them. This will help them to be able to compete better. At the end
of the massage, you can use tapping or slapping methods to get their muscles in shape.

When you hear of other sports events, talk to the people in charge as soon as possible and
advise them that you would like to offer complimentary services of your therapy
treatments. We hope that your will look at the links on this page to find and Erotic Massage Parlor in your area.